If this is your first time on my site then welcome! I am a mediocre blogger trying to learn how to get better. Aren’t we all? In order to get better at figuring out the web, I decided to take a mini-course on what the heck bloggers need to know to be successful.

Guess what? It is really difficult to be a blogger.

The very first thing I read was “What is inbound marketing?” by the web design company Wix (sorry WordPress). I learned that if you do not have money for PPC (that means pay per click) marketing it is really difficult to get new readers to your site organically.

What is inbound marketing

My next thought was “(wo)man, I really need to learn more, let me take a course”. Turns out there are dozens of courses. I eventually chose one from this list of digital marketing courses.


Eventually, I learned that you need to find the right organic keywords and write pages that target these keywords. I found a page about the best keyword research tools by Shoutmeloud although I did realize that it is missing a few easy ones for new bloggers!

Answer the Public and Keywords Everywhere

My very next question was how the he** do I my page to rank. I realized that it takes 3 things: Good SEO Copy, Link Juice, and a Damn good website (here is a great guide to making a good website).

So my life continues and I have a lot to learn about the world wide web. If you are a new blogger, like me, and want to share tips. Shoot me an email and let’s hash it out. I am always up to guest post and get my name out there. I also found this really cool piece from on steps for SEO optimization.

I will be adding to this as I find more and more tips. I will even make a list for everyone to learn from

Great Bloggin’ Resources:

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