Howdy y’all!  How’s everyone been lately?  I recently got a new job and things have definitely been a little stressful transitioning into a new environment.  Everyone I work with has been really nice and supportive, but sometimes I feel like I’m just not getting the hang of things.

The thing is though, that if you don’t make mistakes, how will you ever learn?  I try to keep a positive mindset with everything I do and am trying to keep things in perspective with this great opportunity.  As I was browsing Pinterest the other night looking at motivational pictures (don’t judge me, okay LOL!) I came across this infographic and it really resonated with me:




#1 – Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, this is all too real for me.  The first couple weeks were pretty tough; missing my family and friends, but after a little bit of time I was able to carve my own lane out here.

#2 – Strive to be the best at everything you do!  If you like fashion, make sure you look good every day before you step out the door (I know I do); if you enjoy hiking, find the tallest mountain nearby and take that thing head on!  There’s news happening everyday, but there’s a reason we only find out about a select few stories.

#3 – There’s a Macklemore song I really like that says “Expectations are just resentments waiting to happen” and he couldn’t be more right!  Keep an open mind and try to accept everything for face value, not the idea you have built up in your head.

#4 – Be positive!  No one wants to hang out with someone always complaining.  Your vibes attract your tribe; think good things and they will happen.

#5 – This is exactly where I’m at right now.  It stinks in the present, but I know looking back on this in a couple months I’ll laugh about how silly I was acting and how big of a deal I made everything.

#6 – I think this combines numbers 1 and 3.  We’re all people trying to figure this thing called life out.  Different people have different strengths and weaknesses; focus on the strengths and work on the weaknesses.

#7 – Family is everything.  I try to call my parents at least once a week.

#8 – The only person in control of your happiness is…..YOU!

#9 – Losers make excuses, winners make it happen.  Be a winner!

#10 – Kindness is key. A major key!  Find happiness in doing good unto others and good will be bestowed upon you!

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