When it comes to fashion, celebrities sure know how to do it right! Whether Hollywood’s elite are spotted on the streets, or at red carpet affairs, they always look flawless from head-to-toe. Of course, when you have millions to spend on clothes, shoes, and accessories, looking fabulous 24/7 isn’t difficult. So, what about the rest of us gals who love staying on top of the trends but can’t afford high-end brands?! The trick to looking like a rich betch without blowing your bank account is savvy accessorizing techniques! Wait, seriously?! Yes! If you pay close attention to some of Hollywood’s most talked about fashionistas, their outfits are always topped off with fashionable accessories that bring their outfit to life! Just by mixing up your accessories, you can easily wear the same staple outfit in several different ways!

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Let’s start with the first thing people see, your face. Every fashionista needs a great pair of oversized sunglasses. Whether you’re avoiding eye contact with pesky paparazzi or you want to protect your peepers from the sun, a true fashionista never leaves the house without her sunnies. Depending on your face shape, there are fabulous options out there for every style persona to choose from. Try a classic round pair that will look good with everything, or make a statement in a sultry cat eye pair. Not only do oversized sunnies keep your eyes safe, they do a fantastic job at making you look fierce! I love urbanoutfitters.com black cat eye oversized sunglasses because they give you the look and feel of expensive designer sunnies, but they are under $20! It doesn’t get better than that. The best part about inexpensive sunglasses is that if you lose them, you’re not out the $350 you’d normally pay for a designer pair—ouch!
When you’re not wearing your fab sunglasses, you’re going to need a chic place to store them. Handbags are amazing accessories—they add to your look, plus give you a place to stow away your lip-gloss, phone, and other essentials. Handbags have evolved thanks to brilliant designers that create wearable works of art. Women can choose from stylish structured purses, boho-inspired, color-block, and unique party clutches. Some of the most sought after handbags hail heavy prices due to their top-quality and designer labels. Of course we all love a designer treat every once in a while, but if you want to look like a rock star everyday, opt for designer inspired handbags. I love this pink tote from ebay.com because it truly looks like a $20,000 Birkin bag but is under $30! If pink is not your color, this bag comes in a variety of amazing shades that are prefect for any season. This purse is the perfect everyday option—it’s classy, structured, and is just the right size!

You’ll never find a fashionista who isn’t shining from all angles—I’m not talking about body glitter ladies, I’m talking jewelry! The rich and famous love draping themselves in lavish jewels, no matter what occasion, so why not follow their lead and shine bright. There are so many jewelry options to choose from that any fashionista can accessorize according to your outfit or mood. Who can argue that when it comes to jewelry, diamonds never go out of style. Now, being able to afford the diamond jewelry you crave is another story. If you don’t have the funds for the real deal, opt for believable faux diamond alternatives. I know what you’re thinking— won’t it be obvious your jewels are fake?! Not necessarily if you know how to shop for the best. If you want your CZ jewelry to look real, make sure it’s not too big or gaudy. Keeping your pieces subtle will make it less likely for your admirers to catch on. Also, make sure you shop for pieces that are set in sterling silver, this way your skin never turns green and your piece maintains it’s good looks.

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