s women, most of us like looking put together no matter where we go. Typically, looking good can translate into feeling confident, which is never a bad thing, especially when you’re hitting the gym. Putting some thought into your workout ensemble can make you feel poised, giving you a boost of energy during your workout! Now, I’m not recommending you get overly dolled up before you hop on the treadmill—girls that layer on makeup and put perfume on before working out come off as high maintenance princesses. There are a few simple tips you can follow that will make it easy for you to look your best and elevate your self-confidence when you hit the gym. And who knows, you might attract some cute new friends while you’re breaking a sweat!



If your go-to workout outfit is an over-sized t-shirt and old sweat pants, throw them out immediately and invest in some new duds. The first priority when shopping for workout gear is shopping for comfort. You can’t get your sweat on if you’re wearing something you don’t feel good in. Make sure you shop for clothes that aren’t too loose or too tight. Next, opt for fun colored workout pieces made from stretchy, breathable material such as lycra. Bright colors make me happy and eager to go show off my awesome outfit. If you want to feel slim, opt for a pair of black yoga pants—these are comfortable and match with any color top. I personally love shopping for workout tops that have built in sports bras. These make it much easier to get dressed and saves money you’d spend on a separate article of clothing. I love this racerback_tank from kohls.com because it’s fun and flattering on all body types. This top is super comfy and looks like a designer top, but is much cheaper. Personally, I think investing in one really good pair of workout pants is key. You can buy as many cheap tops as you’d like and mix and match different outfits. 
Whether you like to run or not, everyone needs a good pair of running shoes to wear to the gym. It’s important to shop for shoes that support your feet to avoid injuries. Opt for shoes in bold and bright colors! I used to have an old pair of plain white sneakers I was never thrilled about wearing when I worked out. After I got my favorite pair of colorful Nike running shoes from zappos.com I became obsessed with running shoes, and now I want them in every color! They offer girly options in pink and purple, as well as fun options such as teal, yellow, and orange. Putting on a great pair of shoes that are reliable and fashionable make you ready to take on your workout. Plus, you’ll love all the compliments you’ll get from your fellow gym members.


Another accessory I just can’t live without has to be my water bottle from Nalgene.com.  I use my Nalgene every day so it’s definitely super durable, and since I’m no longer going through a bunch of plastic water bottles from the grocery store like I used to, I feel good knowing I’m helping out the environment.  Their website makes it really easy to customize a bottle to match whatever stylish ensemble you’ve got in the works!


Finally, one of my most favorite pieces has to be my stylish headband from sweatybands.com.  They offer a ton of different styles from animal prints, different types of patterns, floral prints, and they even have Greek headbands so you can support your sorority!  This accessory is so great because it is cheap, stylish, and most importantly, effective.

If you have a health and fitness goal you’re determined to accomplish, give yourself the boost you need by looking and feeling your best when you hit the gym. Being excited about your workout clothes can make you eager to follow through with your workout plan and help you reach your goals that much faster. You can always top off your look with a coat or two of waterproof mascara for an extra flirty touch. Remember to enjoy your workouts and make the most out of them!

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