Having long flowing locks can be a drag…sometimes! For some women, it’s a hassle to constantly upkeep your hair on a daily basis. I don’t know about you ladies, but sometimes I just want to wake up without worrying about my hair! Using the right accessories for your hair can easily make everyday a good hair day, so you can wake up not worrying about your hair. When it comes to hair accessorizing, you can easily cut hours from your day by choosing the right accessories to wear. My tips for hair accessorizing will have you looking your best at all times, while not constantly fussing over your hair.

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When I’m in a hurry and need to style my hair quick, I make sure to have a headwrap handy. A headwrap is a must-have for those days when you don’t feel like doing anything to your hair. They especially come in handy on lazy days because they’re so casual and can be worn with just about anything. The right headwrap can be worn with any hair type and in various hairstyles. I enjoy wearing my headwrap with my hair tied up when I’m working out at the gym because it keeps my hair under control when doing intense routines. On the weekend after a long workweek, it’s my go-to-accessory when lounging about. When worn casually like this, I’ll usually have my hair down and just have the wrap on top to control my frizzies. Choose the right headwrap to make the most out of your purchase like Urban Outfitters’ Waffle-Knit Headwrap. This super-soft knit wrap is not only great for casual and lazy days, but it can be worn during cold winter months to keep your head warm and hair easily maintained. When it’s freezing out, no one wants to have to worry about styling their hair!

Hair sticks are another great accessory that’s eye-catching and easy to use. In many ancient cultures, hair sticks were used to beautify a woman’s hair. Hair sticks originated in ancient times with many women in Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Japan using them as a way to style their hair. Today, hair sticks are still a great accessory for any woman that’s looking for an easy way to spruce up her hair. Hair sticks are most commonly used on various bun hairstyles. It’s super easy to add hair sticks to your braided bun, loose bun, or ballerina bun for an exciting look. Hair sticks are not only easy to use, but are inexpensive too! I love these Floral Hair Sticks Set of 2 from Claire’s, they’re affordable and come in a unique design.


If casual isn’t your thing when it comes to your hair, then you’re going to want to style your hair with something a little more special. We all have our diva moments, and for some it’s a regular persona that we embrace and any old hair accessory won’t do—that’s where a crown hair accessory comes in. Crown hair accessories come in the form of clips, combs, and headbands. They’re great to wear to style up your hair in a flash or can be used specifically for a fancy occasion. Because of the nature of a crown hair accessory, they make wonderful bridal pieces. The great thing about a crown hair accessory is that you don’t have to be a royal bride to enjoy the luxurious headpiece. Rhinestonejewelry.com offers a bunch of options that look rich, yet remain affordable. Whether you’re planning for a wedding or just want a lavish looking hair accessory to spice up your everyday, this accessory will take your look to the new heights. Wear it with your hair up or down, short or long; however you wear it, you’ll look and feel like royalty.


Keeping your hair presentable is an art and using these easy accessories on your hair can create a masterpiece that will transform your locks. Your hair can easily make or break your persona and look, so be sure to grab these go-to-accessories to amp up your mane!

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