·      Old Keys
·      Clip On Earrings
·      Glue
·      Necklace Chain
If you’re like me and love to collect little trinkets here and there then you probably have old keys lying around. I love keeping old keys because they come attached with memories that can easily be forgotten. When my parents moved out of the house I grew up in, I made sure to ask for the keys because there is so much nostalgia there. Maybe you have a pair of keys with some significance to you like your first apartment or home, a deceased loved ones keys, or keys to an old business you once had. Whatever memories you have with an old pair of keys, why not keep those memories alive and by your side by transforming them into stylish jewelry.
Key necklaces are extremely charming as jewelry and don’t necessarily have to be old. If you have extra keys lying around that aren’t “vintage” per se, they’ll still make great necklaces once you decorate them. It’s so easy and simple to decorate keys into stylish necklaces that once you read my DIY ideas, you’ll soon come up with new and creative ways to stylize your keys into beautiful jewelry. So, gather your glue, charms, and of course your old keys and get ready to make memories into stunning new necklaces!

To get started you’ll need a chain to hold the necklace. If you have old chains in your jewelry box that you can use, great. If not, many retailers sell chains in all types of designs for a low cost. Next, gather the charms and embellishments you’ll be using to decorate your key. You can use a myriad of things, from glitter, nail polish, to beads, etc. For this particular DIY, I’m going to repurpose clip on earrings. In my jewelry box, I was able to find old clip on earrings that I’ve gathered over the years. I love using clip ons for this DIY because they come in already stylish designs that can easily be deconstructed to embellish your key in any way you can think of. I really like the design of this particular clip on I’m using, so I simply used a pair of pliers to remove the clip on back and used super glue to attach it to the key. The end result is a simple, yet stylish key necklace that can be worn with an everyday look.

Clip on earrings are always good to have and you never know when they might come in handy. If you don’t want to remove the clip on back of your earrings for whatever reason, you can simply clip on the earring to the key—its like clip on earrings for your keys! Another great way to style your key necklace is with pins or brooches. I came across this handy dandy pin to pendant converter that allows you to attach a pin or brooch to a necklace. You can style your key necklace with old pins and create a necklace with various charms on it.
There you have it! I hope you enjoy designing and personalizing your key to fit your personality. Let me know what you come up with in the comments!


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