Hi Southern Californian Local Friends.  Are you ready for some seriously EPIC San Diego Sunset spots in this week’s editions of Friday Finds?!

So last Friday Finds I rounded up some super delicious drinkys for ‘yall to try out (Magic Hat Electric Peel Grapefruit IPA & Better Buzz Coffee)  So I thought I would switch things up for this week’s edition of Friday Finds and point you Southern Californian Locals in the direction of some EPIC spots to watch the sunset that I found.  I don’t think there is anything on this planet more rejuvenating or powerful then the sun setting over the ocean.  The skyline and Ocean line mix to form a perfect  balance of color and energy and I just cannot get enough of the beauty.

Spot 1.


Sunset Cliffs. The name of the place itself should be a DEAD giveaway.  Sunset Cliffs right outside of Ocean Beach San Diego is a simply gorgeous place to go for a stroll along the cliffs and watch the big ball of fire set over the ocean.



Mt. Soledad’s Veteran Memorial.  This place is just so #Proper.  Not a hiker?  No worries.  You can simply drive your car up to this Memorial and have the most spectacular view of the setting sun.  Pro Tip: get here a bit prior to the sunset as there are not too many parking spaces near the monument and they get filled up quickly for the “show.”


Wonderland Ocean Pub.  The views of the beach are something to marvel at at Wonderland.  On days where the sky is crystal clear and the sunset is especially epic, sometimes you get lucky and when you come back from staring out the huge window of the setting sun there will be a free “sunset” shot waiting for you at your bar seat.



The Pier at Ocean Beach. Just passed Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach, there is a long pier that you can walk to the end and watch the beautiful setting sun.  This spot is super close to my home so I frequent it often.  Feel and smell the Ocean wind and air and watch the surfers hang 10 in this super cool spot.



Cowles Mountain.  Are you one of those people that need to work for something to enjoy it?  Take a hike up Cowles Mountain and see the beautiful setting sun there as well as a truly spectacular view of San Diego.  The hike is relatively easy…unless of course you decide to do it in flip flops like me and slip and cut your face open, but what a view.

Whats YOUR favorite spot to watch the SUNSET?

#StayProper #StayPink

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