The vote is in for Spring 2016 and Pantone releases their Spring 2016 color guide.

Rose Quartz – A soothing color reminding us to reflect on our surroundings during the spring and summer months.

Peach Echo – A friendly shade, evoking warmth and playfulness.

Serenity – An airy color like the vast sky eliciting a calming effect in tempestuous times.

Snorkel Blue – A maritime-inspired color, energetic in context that encourages escape and reminds us of a relaxing vacation by the water.

Buttercup – A shining beacon transporting the wearer to a happier, sunnier place.

Limpet Shell – A crisp and fresh color evoking tranquility.

Lilac Gray – The subtlety of a lilac undertone adds an edge to a classic grey.

Fiesta – This high energy color encourages exploration and welcomes the unknown with this strong and fiery yellow based red.

Iced Coffee – The natural earthy quality helps us transition through the seasons.

Green Flash – The brilliant hue of this color calls on the wearer to explore and escape the mundane and radiates openness for the wearer.

My color is 100% Green Flash I totally thrive on adventure, exploration and my life is the complete opposite of mundane….What’s your Pantone Spring Color?!?

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