Happy Friday Friends! 

So. I have decided to start a weekly roundup (because apparently you aren’t a real blogger until you start your own weekly roundup of some kind) called Friday Finds and each week I will draw from inspiration I get, either while trolling the web or from wandering around my home in Pacific Beach, California and give you a run down on what I found.

This week, I have two beverage finds to share with you, one of which…has a BEAUTIFUL Pink label.  As I am sure you can tell from my website theme and constant ramblings I am completely and utterly fanatical about the color PINK.  It is just such a bright, cheery color that literally radiates the feeling of being a girl from its vibrancy alone.  I just cannot get enough.  The interior of my car is pink, my rims are pink, my phone case is pink, a lot of my clothes are pink….well I’m sure you get it, most of my world is straight up PINK. But, my love of the color pink actually has nothing to do with my love of my first Friday Find.


Magic Hat Electric Peel Grapefruit IPA….uhmmmmma YUMMMMM. “An electric shock. A sweet scent in the air. A tantalizing tingle. Fresh directions are explored and big ideas are formed. Revealed is a creation peeled from formulas of hops and tang-touched fruit. Electric Peel arrives as a new way to IPA. Strip away the notions, find another motion and plug in to reveal the power of the peel.”  Obsessed is an understatement.  Any type of fruit IPA usually sends my taste buds through the roof but some type of sorcery is going on with the flavors in this beer because the taste is simply MAGICAL.


Friday Find Number 2. So it was a Tuesday morning and I was driving to work (normally I would be speed racing to get there on time) but this was no ordinary Tuesday.  After an incredible nights sleep I woke up somewhat early and was casually coastin’ listening to some tunes and jamming out.  I looked at the clock and saw that I was actually going to be early and thought to myself wow, all this time on my hands I think I will go get some coffee before work, (even though I drank some at home about 20 minutes prior) whatever, I am an addict for caffine.  I open up my Waze App (if you don’t have it, get it, literally the best interactive directions and always on point) and type in coffee (not wanting Starbucks…because Starbucks is the biggest waste of money for overpriced shitty coffee with no orignality or taste whatsoever #endrant) and this place called Better Buzz Coffee pops up in my phone.  I think to myself hmmm, super close, not starbucks and who doesn’t love a good buzz?  Let me tell you.  A buzz I got.  After waiting online that stretched out to the street I ordered a Caramel Buzz, this shit is literally CRACK.  I have been back to this coffee place every day since and am literally addicted.  It has been the best part of my day for 3 days straight and I just can’t get enough, yesterday I went twice (no shame).  The only downfall: Just as pricey if not a tad pricey-er then Starbucks :/ BUT. Unlike Starbucks, TOTALLY WORTH IT.  I won’t say I don’t miss Dounkin’ Donuts (cheap, quality, on every corner of the east coast) but Better Buzz is definitely the most delicious coffee I have ever drank hands down.

Kay. It’s the weekend. Beach and IPAs for days PEACEEE.


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