No matter what your style persona, every woman enjoys adding a little sparkle to her ensemble by incorporating stunning jewelry and accessories. The allure of shopping for new baubles to add to your collection is always thrilling, but sometimes the high cost of must-have jewels can make it difficult to access. If diamonds are your best friend, but you can’t quite endure the dent these dazzling gems put in your wallet, opt for inexpensive counterparts that give you the look and feel you crave!
One of the most popular handbags among the rich and famous is the Hermes Birkin bag. While the sleek and classic design of this lavish hand bag makes it more than just a purse to tote your belongings in, the outrageous price of over $13,000 makes it an extreme investment not many women can make. Rather than spending your life savings on one hand bag, opt for the less expensive but equally chic version designed by Michael Kors. The Hamilton Saffiano Tote is comparable to a Birkin in quality, design, and luxury but is much more affordable! No matter what color you crave, this bag is available in just as many gorgeous hues as the famous Birkin.


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Topping off an outfit with a cool hat is a huge trend nowadays. One hat style in particular, the fedora, has made a huge comeback making it an accessory many fashionistas are eager to get their hands on. While Borsalino hats have been adorning the heads of high fashion rollers, they don’t come cheap. Yes they are made in Italy and have an incredible reputation, but let’s face it unless you plan on wearing your pricey fedora everyday, it’s not worth the typical $400 price tag. offers an entire collection of affordable fedoras that offer women stylish hats they will feel amazing in!
Any fashionista knows that having a trusty and chic pair of sunglasses is always necessary. If you’re going to protect your pretty eyes from the sun, you might as well do it in style! Several high-end designers have been wowing us with incredible sunglasses ranging in all sorts of fun styles and colors. While most girls wouldn’t have any complaints about owning a pair of Miu Miu cat eye sunglasses, the price would put a damper on your fashion endeavor. To avoid feeling guilty for spending hundreds on a pair of sunglasses that may not be in style next season, opt for the under $40 Steve Madden pair offered on They look just as cute, but won’t leave you broke!

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While manicures have been regarded as a ritual many women seek to pamper themselves, unique nail art is quickly becoming an accessory many can’t live without. Rihanna took her manicure to the next level when she rocked 24 karat gold nails at the Grammy Awards! Her limited addition mani cost a whopping $5,000! While the nail polish company created this one-time gel polish that contained real gold for the pop star, they also created an affordable nail gel version for those of us who can’t pay that much to get our nails done.
As far as jewelry goes, married women and their hubbies, know just how pricey engagement rings can be. If you are a bride-to-be who has her eye set on a stunning engagement ring that is way out of your price range, opt for a CZ ring that gives you the same characteristics you want, without the high price. While some women are deterred by the phrase “faux diamond,” several jewelry designers offer top quality synthetic diamonds that are clear and brilliant like diamonds but cost much less. offers an amazing array of faux diamond engagement rings that easily fool everyone, and will give you the ring of your dreams! Best of all, you can easily stay within your budget.
Many women will admit they have a weak spot for shoes, myself included. Popular designer Christian Louboutin has graced the fashion industry with impeccably designed shoes that are classy, sexy, and everything women want from a shoe. His famous red soles have adorned the feet of many A-listers, but with a Hollywood budget, stars can afford the expensive shoes. If you want a stylish pump that isn’t overly expensive, opt for an inexpensive red sole shoe from This site offers similarly chic designs that look expensive, but aren’t.
Most of us can’t spend a day apart from our smart phones—we can do practically anything thanks to them! Aside from investing some serious cash in this technology, people love adding fun phone cases to protect their phone and give it a fun, personalized look. Designer Stuart Hughes out-did himself after creating an 8 million dollar iPhone 4 case—made from gold and finished off with diamonds! While this extraordinary case is a work of art, it’s way out of most working-class individuals’ price range. I think that’s inexpensive array of fancy iPhone cases are just as exquisite and lavish, but won’t cost you a fortune.
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Paying a lot for certain items doesn’t always guarantee you’re getting the best. If you want to keep up with the latest accessory trends, opting for inexpensive versions gets you the look you want and helps you maintain your budget. A girl can be savvy AND chic!

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