I love music! Nothing makes me happier than hearing my favorite song on the radio or belting out my favorite tunes in the shower. I’m the type of girl who always has music playing in the background, no matter what I’m doing; you can say music is my one true passion. Now I’m no musician or that great of a singer, but that doesn’t stop me from obsessing over music. I love to show my love of music with my love of fashion. Nothing excites me more than to be able to add my love of music to my outfit with subtle references with my accessory and clothing choices. If you love music just as much as I do, then you’ll love my tips and tricks for accessorizing to match your favorite songs!

I’m not afraid to sing my heart out to top 40 tunes from One Direction to Drake, and everyone in between. But when it comes to pop music, it’s the ladies who reign supreme these days. No matter what you think about her stage antics, there’s no denying Miley Cyrus is a pop force to be reckoned with. Chances are if you’ve turned on the radio, you’ve heard her hit “Wrecking Ball”. You may not know the words to the song, but when the chorus drops, there’s no denying you come in like a wrecking ball and sing like there’s no tomorrow—I know I do! “Wrecking Ball” is definitely shaping up to be a classic pop tune that’s going to be a song to reminisce about 10 years from now. Today, fans of the song will get a kick by accessorizing with these “Wrecking Ball” inspired earrings from JC Penney (naked Miley Cyrus not included). This pair of drop earrings is colorful and cool enough to wear with any outfit, casual or fancy. Your look will be a hit whether you choose to tell people who inspired your earrings or not. Adding these bangerz to top off your look will make you stand out from the rest, that’s for sure.

Katy Perry fans have been singing from the top of their lungs a lot lately, to the tune of her number one hit, “Roar”. All it takes is one listen before you’re singing “Ra-ah-ah-ah-oar”and dancing like no one’s watching. The song is an uplifting and motivating song that’ll put anyone in a good mood. It’s one of those songs that make you feel like you can conquer the world! If you want to let out your best roarthrough your fashion accessorizing, then go for the eye of the tiger with The Surreptitious Envy Vegan Leather Tote from Karma Loop. This roaring tiger tote is the best way to show off your wild side just like Katy’s epic song. The trendy bag is a great complement to the song and chances are that when you’re strutting your stuff with it, you’ll be humming to the tune of Roar.

Miley and Katy have nothing on one of the greatest singers of our time, Celine Dion. One of my all time favorite songs from her is, “My Heart Will Go On” off the ‘Titanic’soundtrack. For me, the song brings back childhood memories of hoping to have a love story just as romantic as Jack and Rose’s, and fortunately I have found my prince charming—we even danced to this song at my wedding! The song brings out so much emotion in me, so much so that I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed from it, even to this day. The song is a classic and one of the best-selling singles of all time, so there’s no denying this song has not only had an impact on me, but much of the world too! If you love the song just as much as I do, then show it with a classic accessory choice. If you’re a fan of the song, then you’re most likely a fan of the film ‘Titanic’ too, so my accessory pick will definitely bring back memories. Remember that little old sapphire necklace in the movie? Yep that old thing… It’s gorgeous and I don’t know about you, but I never thought I could own such an extravagant piece; however, that wasn’t true! Today, there are amazing replicas of the piece from the movie, so it has been much easier to obtain the classic necklace. I went with Rakuten’s Titanic Necklace – Inspired by Heart of the Ocean because it’s affordable and elegant. It can be worn for special occasions, but is also modest enough to wear casually. However you choose to wear the necklace, your look will be a hit just like the song!

It’s super easy drawing inspiration from your favorite songs, so get creative next time you feel moved by a specific tune. You never know what kind of look you’ll come up with!

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