Nowadays it seems like you can’t turn the corner without running into a gourmet shop that specializes in creating delectable miniature sized cakes that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Whether you love chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, or some other flavor, cupcakes are the perfect treat no girl can resist. If you’re as cupcake obsessed as I am, but don’t want to pack on the lbs., add some delicious non-edible cupcakes into your life! Cupcake themed clothing and accessories have been spotted everywhere and I think it’s a fun way to add some interesting patterns to your everyday wardrobe. This way, you have your cake, and well not eat it, but look amazing! 
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If your gearing up for the cooler months, you’re probably going to want to add some cozy sweaters to your collection. Of course every girl needs plain basic sweaters she can rely on, but why not mix things up and add a fun printed sweater to your wardrobe. I adore this cupcake sweater from because it’s chic and comfy. The dark color makes it easy to wear with many things, but the cupcakes make it festive and flirty. I think this sweater would be perfect to wear with your favorite pair of jeans, but it can also look fabulous over a skirt with tights and boots!
You can also top off your look with a funky cupcake beanie from! This beanie will keep your head warm and definitely get you noticed! This website offers this beanie in a variety of color combos, so you can be as subtle or as loud as you want to be. I know this cupcake beanie may not be for everyone, but seriously how cute would you look skiing down a mountain in a cupcake beanie?! Best of all, this adorable beanie is affordable.
If you’re craving the taste of these treats, why not slick some tasty lip gloss on?! That’s right, thanks to, you can give your boring lip gloss and break and trade it in for this fun cupcake lip gloss, complete with frosting and sprinkles! These adorable cosmetics come in a variety of colors and flavors and are great for you and your friends! The best part is, they’ll taste good but won’t make you feel guilty about splurging!
Of course, you’ll need a stylish purse to carry your necessities in, right? What better handbag to use than this fabulous cupcake purse from I love this handbag because it’s small enough to use everyday, and conveys a classy look even though it has a cupcake theme print. Most other name brand items, especially limited addition items such as this purse, could cost a pretty penny, but this designer bag is under $60! It doesn’t get sweeter than that! Opt for the off-white color if you want to keep things subtle, or choose from the blue option if you want to stand out! Personally, I think this purse is amazing and will get any fashionista tons of compliments.
Another stylish way to add a hint of sweet to your everyday style is with cupcake jewelry! What girl doesn’t love combining cupcakes and jewelry?! If you want a cute cupcake accessory, I suggest browsing through selection of cupcake jewelry. They feature amazing and inexpensive styles that cater to everyone’s needs. If you love wearing necklaces they feature adorable small cupcake pendants in silver and gold! If you want something plain they have sterling silver options that are charming. Want a little bling?! Then you’ll love their cupcake necklace topped off with small CZs—the perfect amount of icing if you ask me. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing trendy cupcakes jewelry, and so can you! What I love most about the options on this website is that no matter what piece you fall in love with, they are all affordable. Sometimes, you want to buy the trendy items, but don’t necessarily wan to make a big investment, especially if it goes out of style quickly!
Life is too short to wear boring accessories! I think that mixing up your everyday basics with some fun and unique clothing and accessories will keep your look fresh and invigorating. Now, the only problem is deciding what you want to buy?! Bon appetite!

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